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Editing Services
for Christian Authors 

Author Allison Ramirez, here to offer faithful, affordable editing services for fellow Christian authors both of fiction and nonfiction! :) I'd love to work with you to bring your book to life! 

If interested in talking more, please email me at 

-Sample edit available upon request of up to 5k words. 
-I use the Chicago Style guide unless otherwise requested
-Style sheets are provided after each edit 

-I ask each author to fill out a contract noting the specific editing service, word count, deadlines, etc. for the protection of both you and me and so that we are both on the same page. :)
-Payments are made in full upon completion of the editing project via paypal, zelle, or venmo.  

X Developmental editing - Includes two rounds of edits if desired!
.006 cents/word (i.e., .006 x 50,000k = $300)

Looking for feedback regarding the content of your story: i.e. plot points, setting, dialogue, character development, etc. then this is the edit for you. Only obvious typos/spelling errors will be corrected outside of the developmental pieces.  
NOTE: If looking to save money in your publishing process, I would recommend prioritizing a professional copyedit over all else and utilizing several rounds of beta readers for feedback on the story content.

X Copy editing
- Includes two rounds of edits if desired!
.oo4 cents/
word (i.e., .oo4 x 50,000k= $200)
This 'heavy' mechanical edit will address grammar, spelling, punctuation, and other factual errors down to the sentence level.
NOTE: Though this is a copyedit service, in order to help authors as best I can, I do make it a point to comment on any potential concerns I see development-wise in the margins of the manuscript. 

X Line editing - Includes two rounds of edits if desired!
.oo4 cents/word (i.e., .oo4 x 50,000k= $200) This 'heavy' stylistic edit will address word choice, tone, sentence structure, author voice, flow, consistency, and other stylistic errors down to the sentence level.
NOTE: While this edit is not specifically correcting mechanical errors such as grammar, spelling, and punctuation, I will correct any of these errors that I do see, as well as point out any developmental concerns. 

X Proofreading - Includes two rounds of edits if desired!
.002 cents/word 
(i.e., .002 x 50,000k = $100)
This the final, largely typographical edit on your near-finalized book. At this point, your book should be fully formatted with the substantial, formal copyedits out of the way. I would be a final set of eyes reading through and correcting any missed spelling or grammar errors as well as checking for any factual or formatting inconsistencies.  
NOTE: If looking to save money in your publishing process, I would recommend prioritizing a professional copyedit over all else, and then utilize a set of trusted friends/family members to be your final proofreading eyes at the end of the process before publication.  


Cover Designer recommendations:
While I am not a cover designer myself, I would recommend the following designers all of which charge $250-$350 per cover: Mandi Lynn (worked with personally; fiction genres), Aero Gallerie (; all genres), Kelsey Gietl (; historical, contemporary, romance genres), James Hrkach (; all genres) 

Editor Qualifications: 
I have a B.A. in English, emphasis in creative writing. I also have a course certificate of completion from Proofreading academy (now Knowadays).To date, I have edited over 15 books (both fiction and non-fiction) for both publishers (Leonine, Full Quiver Publishing, Xulon, and Chrism) and individual authors. 


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