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The Divided Kingdom Series - Book 1

March 17, 2023

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Adeline Rye adores books, history, and art but feels unseen in a society that values advance in medicine and technology above all else. With her father as the leader of their island civilization called Mirror, she has little room for error. To ensure peace and eliminate violence, the islanders are divided across three separate communities and commanded to abide by the 613 laws given to their leadership by The Originator. Forty years prior, The Originator guided the people to the safety of the island at a time when lawless raiders pillaged and burned their homeland.

When Adeline, with the help of her two best friends, begins to question the community divisions and the 613 laws they live by, she is met with opposition at seemingly every turn. In her quest for answers, she meets Cayde, who is experiencing a complicated reality of his own. Together they work to unravel the secrets behind the island kingdom of Mirror and discover what it means to be truly seen.





The Divided Kingdom, book one by Allison Ramirez, is a fast-paced YA dystopian future novel, the first of three in a series! The action moves the plot forward so that you want to read the next chapter, the scenes don't drag, and the writing is tight. With themes of friendship, human dignity and the value of life, and questions about what defines human purpose and productivity, this story provides the opportunity for today's teenagers to ponder these things and how our faith should inform our decisions and actions.

—Erin Lewis, author of Firetender   


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If you'd like to receive a personalized signed copy of my book + character art bookmark, please message me in the "Let's Connect" section of the website. The price for the signed copy sent by mail is $15.00. Thanks for supporting me as an author. :)

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