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Understanding the EMH

Featured in the 2017 Highline College's Literary Journal

~Based on the Emergency Medical Hologram (EMH) 'The Doctor', from the Star Trek Voyager series And his constant desire to be more human.

The Eyes are like a giant ocean, a constant battle of thrashing waves colliding and choking one another until finally the waters part to reveal

The Mind made up of colorful fins, flashing and gliding, jabbing and darting, millions of thoughts happening simultaneously, all at once until

The Heart bursts and all the water and all the fins are released as little by little the water dissipates and the fish gasp and die, leaving nothing but an empty hull, a shell so deep and so vast that for a long, long while it seems that nothing can fill it until

A drop of water falls from the sky, and somewhere high above, an eye blinks

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