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3 months engaged

Wow! I cannot believe how much has happened this month. June has truly proven to be a tremendously busy month.

In the month of June, we lost our sweet Bunny Honey Marmalade, and adopted a Betta fish, two new bunnies, AND a dog by the end of the month. Yes, we are a bit ambitious taking on so many animals while being engaged, but life feels brighter with them and the responsibility is helping us grow. And, we have both agreed we aren’t getting any more pets for the foreseeable future.

In addition to the animal additions, we are slowly making progress in our career ambitions. In addition to our current jobs, Nathan is two weeks into his Electrician training program, and I am working on several freelance writing projects and a book manuscript.

We are excited to be able to take part in mass this month, albeit outdoors, and we were able to meet with my parish to review the results from the FOCUS marriage prep inventory we took and to discuss our thoughts on the wedding. Our biggest announcement to have come from that meeting is that we have officially confirmed our wedding date: January 30 2021! Surprisingly, with still so much to do, I feel oddly peaceful with all that lies ahead. So thankful to finally have this date set.

This month has taught me acceptance and perspective. I am learning to take what life gives me and to focus not so much on the wedding, but on our future life together, knowing that there will always be good and hard times along the way. I am being reminded to take advantage of this time I have to spend with family and friends, and the summer that is before us. I have already been blessed this month to take part in several day trips and evenings with my siblings, friends, parents, and Nathan’s family.

I am also SO proud of many of my friends who graduated this year from college with Bachelors degrees: Karina, Nicole, Elise, Harmony, Carissa, and Jessie. It has been wonderful getting to share in their accomplishments and successes and I pray that all of them have bright futures ahead.

I sure don’t know what the future will hold in these next months, but I am looking forward to the opportunities and experiences that are in store. Over this next month, we are hoping to get engagement photos taken, and start reaching out to potential photographers and florists to assist in the wedding. There is still a lot to do: especially daunting to me is finding a place to live, but I am constantly being reminded that I am not alone, and that I have so many people who love and care about me and are willing to help in any way they can both with the wedding and everything in between.

My mantra song for this month has been Jeremy Camp’s “Keep Me in the Moment” as I am always reminding myself to slow down, not get too ahead of myself, and to live each day as well as I can with the people that are around me.

Enjoy the summer! Semper Fidelis,


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